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Cor de Levan/Croise <Cross motif ribbon collar>

Cor de Levan/Croise <Cross motif ribbon collar>

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The cross motif "col de ruban〈croisé〉" is hand-knitted one by one. The cross design is a perfect accent for everyday outfits, while also blending in perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

A QR code type identification tag will also be included in the set. (Photos will be posted in due course.)

This collar is for pets with collar dimensions of 30cm or less.
For dogs with strong pulling power, we recommend a collar that is 4 to 6 cm smaller or a striped collar.

We order paracord made by Rothco, a company with 60 years of history.
Since this is a parachute string, each string contains seven thin, strong cords and can withstand a load of 250 kg.

By weaving the paracord tightly rather than loosely, a generous 3.2 to 4.2m of paracord is used, resulting in a durable finish.

The use of beautiful, lustrous and colorful paracord makes these highly fashionable, and they are also lightweight, weighing approximately 23.7g to 37.7g.
(The appropriate weight for a collar is 0.04% to 0.05% of a dog's body weight. This collar is approximately 0.012% to 0.0063%.)

The ribbon is handmade in India with Indian embroidery.
We will provide you with a color that is close to your preference.

We source our metal fittings from a long-established wholesaler in Kuramae and from Tochigi Prefecture.
It is lightweight, durable, and uses beautifully polished metal fittings.

The big skin of the brand tag is made of natural leather, so you can enjoy its texture as time passes.

You can choose from no foil, gold foil, or silver foil for the brand logo.

We will apply a waterproof leather spray to the brand tag beforehand.

To clean, you can wash it by placing it in a laundry net.


Paracord: Rothco 550 Paracord

Metal fittings: Japanese metal fittings (nickel, gold-plated, nickel)

Country of Origin: Japan

Brand tag: Natural leather, pigskin (waterproof)

✰Weight✰ ※Can be made to your desired size

22cm (24-25cm)…36.6g (metal fitting No. 4)

22cm (24-25cm)…30.6g (metal fitting No. 3)

17cm (19-20cm)…23.7g (metal fitting No. 3)


You can choose the color of the paracord and metal fittings by line or email.

You can choose between a buckle fastening, half chain or metal fastening. Each ribbon is unique with Indian embroidery.

If you would like to see combination samples, etc., please contact us at the email address below.

Line ID: 317gehyj

꙳Just copy and paste it as is.

Name (full name):
Contact information:
Your desired color:
Paracord hardware (gold or silver)
Contact times:
Sample photo request:
Other questions:

Delivery time: Approximately 20 days from the design decision. We will ship the product as soon as it is completed. (This includes metal fittings processing, production, and shipping time.)

꙳Sample Photos: We will send you photos of actual paracord weaving via email.

Washing: Oxyclean, hand wash, hang dry

・Paracord products can be washed with water using Oxyclean or a neutral detergent (such as a neutral liquid laundry detergent) and a brush. ・If the product is immersed in seawater, be sure to wash it with water to prevent rust on the metal parts. ・We recommend frequent maintenance to ensure long-term use.

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