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Cor de Levan deux (two ribbon collar)

Cor de Levan deux (two ribbon collar)

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The ribbon motif of "col de ruban (deux)" is hand-knitted one by one. The eye-catching ribbon design is a perfect accent to brighten up your everyday outfits while also blending in perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

Collars are an important item that can also be used as a marker in case of emergency.
A QR code type identification tag will also be included in the set. (Photos will be posted in due course.)

It is lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it easy to use even for first-time collar practice.

We use a safety buckle that automatically releases when a load of 3 kg is applied.
If you would like to change to a regular buckle, please let us know. We can also add a metal fitting for attaching a leash. (We will also be listing harnesses for cats in the future.)

Not only is the paracord strong and high quality, you also have the option to choose the color of the safety buckle.

Each ribbon is a unique piece of Indian embroidery.

To clean, you can wash it by placing it in a laundry net.

You can choose the color of the paracord and metal fittings by line or email.

If you would like to see combination samples, etc., please contact us at the email address below.

Line ID: 317gehyj


Paracord: Rothco 550 Paracord

Ribbon: Hand embroidered in India

Metal fittings: Japanese metal fittings (Tochigi Prefecture)

Country of Origin: Japan


2-prong collar (28cm...7.5g)

The appropriate weight of the collar should be 0.4-0.5% of the dog's body weight.


꙳Just copy and paste it as is.

Name (full name):
Contact information:
Your desired color:
Paracord 1
Paracord 2
Contact times:
Sample photo request:
Other questions:

Delivery time: Approximately 10 days from the design decision. We will ship the product as soon as it is completed. (This includes metal fittings processing, production, and shipping time.)

꙳Sample photo: We will send you a photo using actual paracord to show you the finished image.



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