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Flat Braided Harness - 2 Strands/3 Strands

Flat Braided Harness - 2 Strands/3 Strands

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This harness is made from paracord.

You can choose the design of the harness fastener to suit your preference.

High quality paracord carefully hand woven in Japan.

Since this harness is made entirely of paracord, you can wash it in a laundry net.

If you prefer an exact fit, we can make it to the same size as your existing harness or you can specify the dimensions.

For dogs whose hair volume changes significantly depending on the season, we recommend an adjustable squeeze-type brush.
꙳For dogs with large heads, the adjustable straps are designed to be longer. Please be aware of this.

Paracord has a load capacity of 250 kg, but for medium-sized dogs, we recommend using a three-strand flat-braid harness, taking into consideration the size and strength of the metal fittings.

For cleaning, you can use our full cleaning service.

You can choose the color of the paracord and metal fittings by line or email.

If you would like to see combination samples, etc., please contact us at the email address below.

Line ID: 317gehyj


Paracord: Rothco 550 Paracord

Metal fittings: Japanese metal fittings (nickel, nickel), clear surface coating, Italian sheep leather, polyester mesh cushion

Country of Origin: Japan


꙳Just copy and paste it as is.

Name (full name):
Contact information:
Your desired color:
Paracord hardware (gold or silver)
SheepskinContact time:
Sample photo request:
Other questions:

If you need a just-right size, please let us know the dimensions of the harness using the format below.
If the harness is the same size as the one you brought in, you can send it to us. Shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

Measurement of the line connecting the center of waist and center of chest (C):
Distance to fittings (D1, D2)

Delivery time: Approximately 20 days from the design decision. We will ship the product as soon as it is completed. (This includes metal fittings processing, production, and shipping time.)

꙳Sample Photos: We will send you photos of actual paracord weaving via email.


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